Foot Pegs Forward Control Kit For REBEL CMX 500

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When changing the position to put the foot in front of the leg will stretch, not only more comfortable but also more majestic than the old position. At the same time, your feet will also be cooler because they are moved to the front of the unit, so it's still hot outside, you can still comfortably wear shorts to go to the street without worrying about the heat blowing on your legs The installation process is extremely simple, ordinary users with common tools can order and do it themselves.

You absolutely do not have to cut any of the bike's original items (electrical wires, oil wires also do not need to be connected or replaced). When not in use, it can be removed to the original in one note, so there is no fear of breaking the original. Just need sharp beak pliers, hexagon 5 6 8, wrench 10 12 13, and you can manually set up your beloved Rebel to a new, more comfortable position.

Customers who are far away do not have to worry about assembling because we have prepared the accompanying documents in the kit. According to statistics, over 60% of the installed footrests are bought and made by domestic users